XMind is still in development. This version has taken a littler more time. We’re still working on it, and will have it completed this month.
Now, let us preview part new features here.

Relative hyperlink
This feature enable we have more choices while adding local files.
Sorting Topics
Do you want to see the latest modified topic, or the task with the highest priority? These will be available in the coming version.
Powerful Search
Searching content in entire workbook and showing them with the full path, are these you wanted? Both available.
Default Theme
Theme is made up of topic color, shape, size, line color, background color, and etc. You will not only have ability to design and extract your own theme, but also let it be the default theme in your XMind Pro.

Time is up. 🙂 If you want to enjoy all new features before releasing, please send an email to “info@xmind.net” with subject “XMind Beta Test” to join our beta test. Once beta version is OK, you will receive the download link and test account.

Some users may upload the map by accident. In future, you can disable this button. Please Delete the file, net.xmind.share_3.0.3.200904291819.jar, which is at “plugin” folder in XMind installation folder. (if your operating system is XP, it should be at, C:\Program File\XMind\plugins)