As more and more people, businesses, and organizations are using Mind Mapping tools(or visual thinking) to do brainstorming, meeting record, organize idea, plan the project, do presentation and etc, we find that mind map should play an important role in communicating with each other. Now, Sharing XMind Maps with multiple people is easy. Instead of sending mail to everyone, you can simply share with the world via XMind Share.
As an example, we are planing to introduce XMind software to peoples. Of course, we use mind map. So we draw a mind map, format the topics, insert images, then click “upload” button in XMind toolbar, and upload it to XMind Share.
Then this map is at: Mind Mapping With XMind. Sharing this link, people can read this map online soon and easily.

BTW, we can also use the Embed Code in the map page to show this map in our blog. Just paste that embed code into blog, and visitors can see that map here:

Now, when people read your blog or get that map’s link, they can view this map and get all information soon. It’s that easy.

This feature is public sharing. XMind Pro subscribers has another advanced feature, private sharing. They can select “Private” option while uploading map. And, the “private map” will be only seen by the people who get the owner’s invitation. Private and easy sharing are easy too.