XMind Portable version makes visual thinking portable and freely!


XMind Portable is an individual zip file.  No more installations. No more registration. Just download and unzip it.  Then, you possess the complete features-rich XMind.

Save your download time for different operating systems. XMind Portable contains 4 operating system versions(XMind for Mac, XMind for Windows, XMind for Linux 32-bit, and XMind for Linux 64-bit) for you choose. Plus every version has 5 languages(English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, and Japanese).

Without worrying about working on other computers. XMind Portable can be put into USB disk. Then simply plug this USB in and you have XMind available for you. If you save your work or other personal mind maps in this USB, your work and life will be portable too.

If you are interested, please click and download XMind Portable.

XMind Pro, with more powerful features than XMind, has portable version too. Please select and download it at XMind Pro Download page.

Remaining questions about Portable? Let’s keep this dialog here and leave your comments! Oh, and if you have ideas leave them too!