This week, I had the opportunity to have a very nice conversation with Wallace Tait, a great Management Consultant, an expert in Visual thinking, mind mapping area. We talked about using visual thinking, mind mapping, XMind, and more. Below are part of what Wallace Tait’s say:

If your thoughts, feeling and actions are all firing together like three engine cylinders, then you get combustion, and this combustion produces results
Results are what people want, and the results are what gives people motivational movement to achieve more and more
Using a Mind map app such as XMind is an ideal tool to visualize your hopes, aspirations, wants and needs.
Have you ever seen someone using a Mind map for the first time? What they often produce, is a outward expression of their inward (subconscious) self.
Mind maps are very powerful motivational graphics, when used in the right manner, they give very tangible results
Data is made up of words and numbers, and when we humans aggregate (group) them, Data then becomes Information, and when Information is contextualized, it then becomes Knowledge, and if you use knowledge appropriately, it produces results that change everyone’s outlook on life
XMind can and does do this by the graphical nature of the mapping formats.