Recently, there have been some conversation about XMind tips with other mind mapping experts, like Philippe Boukobza. One interesting tip is to work with Gmail, Google Docs, Twitter, and etc in XMind. It uses XMind inside browser, and hyperlink. Plus the Taskinfo and Gantt View feature, we can implement David Allen’s Getting Things Done™ methodology more easily in XMind.
At beginning, we can easily drag-and-drop or add the hyperlink to a topic. Here we introduce below applications: Gmail, Google Docs, and Twitter. Because these are necessary tools in our work. Gmail is used to contact with customers. Google Docs is used to share the files inside. And Twitter is a great tool to communicate with some friends and XMind users.

Here were some screenshots and usages: I’m a heavy twitter user. Here, I can search some useful information, communicate with my friends who I never see before, accept suggestions from XMind users, and etc. All these information can let my plan or summary rich.
Gmail: Gmail is a powerful tool. By using Tasks and labels, we can organize work easily. At most time, I will map the plan and list tasks in XMind with more information(end date, priority, process). Here, we can read, write emails, and add detailed tasks soon.
Google Docs: What I do is to add my Google Docs account to a special topic. Of course, we can add an individual Google Docs file URL to a topic. Then we can edit the files and collaborate with others.

We believe this tip can enhance our productivity. Are you just using this?