Create the First Mind Map is Easy and Fun

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Visualize your ideas in your mind helps you to know what’s in your mind both vertically and horizontally. But most importantly, to get your to be clear and organized. Follow the steps below to create your first mind map in just a few minutes.

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Braving 2020 with XMind for iOS Updates

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Since we’ve worked on and made the best use of the latest iOS, we also kept going to tune everything perfectly in the past months, including iPadOs. Coming with 3 new features, and several enhancements, the final update of this year of XMind hops – XMind for iOS updates is ready to take off.

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4 Steps for a Special Christmas Party with XMind

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Dashing through the snow. In a one-horse open sleigh.

O’er the field we go. Laughing all the way.

Merry Christmas, and thank you for letting us be a part of your work and life. This time, we would love to reveal how to create a party plan on mind map with Christmas element.

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How to Manage Your Time with Mind Mapping (Hint: You Don’t Always Need To)

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Mind maps are useful tools for time management in its flexibilities, big-picture view and low learning curve.

If you waste one day after another, your chance of achieving isn’t just an improbability, it’s an impossibility.

But here’s the thing: it’s hard NOT to waste time.

Eating the frog is intimidating. The daily routine is boring. Worse than that, the journey seems endless.

You try out different methods, however, years gone by, things are still the same.

Then you come across mind mapping, and the advocacy about mind maps in productivity. Maybe this time, the case would be different?

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Concept Map vs Mind Map: What to Use for Your Project

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Bonus: Self-checker Tool for Testing When to Use Which Mapping

Concept map has more complex structure and more accurate demonstration of knowledge. Mind maps are tree charts and flexible to make, good for brainstorming and note-taking.

You find out concept mapping on the internet.

You think it’s good to help you sort out the messy info of your projects, but then you hear about mind mapping.

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Your Creation Worth Seeing – Contribute Your Stickers Design

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Jot down what’s in your mind can be a fun, and endless journey. However, we always need a finishing touch for our mind maps to make it different.

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How To Make A Concept Map (Actionable Guide for Beginners)

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How to make a concept map?

If you haven’t got a clear answer to it, then this guide is for you!

Concept mapping requires brainstorming, structuring, linking, finalizing. It helps demonstrate tacit knowledge and has greater ability in showing complex analysis.

This article is loaded with templates and best practices on each step of mapping. In short, to make a concept map, you need to go through: preparation, brainstorming, structuring, linking, and finalizing.

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XMind: ZEN 2020, You Just Can’t Get Enough of It

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It’s today, it’s all about XMind: ZEN 2020. New look and features, optimized your favourites, and most importantly, it’s about your productivity upgrade.

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Meet NeverMind – Typeface Originally Designed and Presented by XMind

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We endeavor to bring out the best mind mapping and brainstorming tool, but this time, we want to make a challenge – upgrade your reading experience.

Introducing NeverMind, originally and proudly presented by the XMind team.

Covering languages spoken in 40 countries, numbers and punctuation, NeverMind is a San-Serif font built with Geometric and Humanistic.

We did a little talk with the leading designer of the NeverMind project, Lan, approaching to the backstage and diving into his world of designing.

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How to Print Mind Map Completely and Clearly

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Presenting the mind map is like giving a second birth of your ideas. Reading the mind map on desktop and printing is different. When printing a mind map filled with topics, characters might be shrunk and it can be hard to read.

Follow the instructions below, and find the right solution when printing.

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