Concept Map vs Mind Map: What to Use for Your Project

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Bonus: Spreadsheet Quiz for Checking When to Use Which Mapping

You find out concept mapping on the internet.

You think it’s good to help you sort out the messy info of your projects, but then you hear about mind mapping.

Much confused about which to choose, you head to Google in search of an answer. 

But articles after articles, your questions grow like a snowball. Some blog posts say that,

Mind map does not work for real-world info, as it’s in a hierarchical structure. Real-life is interconnected and complex.

Then the next one has the same conclusion but with a different reason to above!

A mind map is more personal and flexible than concept maps. The concept map has a much better hierarchical structure.

You’re wondering, is there a clear and practical answer? I just want to map these piles of messy info!

Luckily, that’s precisely what I’m going to tell you. slightly smiling face

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Your Creation Worth Seeing – Contribute Your Stickers Design

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Jot down what’s in your mind can be a fun, and endless journey. However, we always need a finishing touch for our mind maps to make it different.

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How To Make A Concept Map (Actionable Guide for Beginners)

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How to make a concept map?

If you haven’t got a clear answer to it, then this guide is for you!

Chemistry Concept Map Template: The Mole, Molar Mass and Empirical Formula

Concept Map of Chemistry

This article is loaded with templates and best practices on each step of mapping. In short, to make a concept map, you need to go through: preparation, brainstorming, structuring, linking, and finalizing.

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XMind: ZEN 2020, You Just Can’t Get Enough of It

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It’s today, it’s all about XMind: ZEN 2020. New look and features, optimized your favourites, and most importantly, it’s about your productivity upgrade.

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Meet NeverMind – Typeface Originally Designed and Presented by XMind

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We endeavor to bring out the best mind mapping and brainstorming tool, but this time, we want to make a challenge – upgrade your reading experience.

Introducing NeverMind, originally and proudly presented by the XMind team.

Covering languages spoken in 40 countries, numbers and punctuation, NeverMind is a San-Serif font built with Geometric and Humanistic.

We did a little talk with the leading designer of the NeverMind project, Lan, approaching to the backstage and diving into his world of designing.

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How to Print Mind Map Completely and Clearly

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Presenting the mind map is like giving a second birth of your ideas. Reading the mind map on desktop and printing is different. When printing a mind map filled with topics, characters might be shrunk and it can be hard to read.

Follow the instructions below, and find the right solution when printing.

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How to Create Flowcharts in XMind | Steps and Templates

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Because of its unlimited canvas and smooth interaction, XMind is often used as flowchart makers. Although XMind is a part-time flowchart maker, (and a full-time mind map maker obviously), some handy features really help brainstormers to create their workflow diagrams quickly.

A simple flowchart

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How to Use XMind for Project Management | Steps and Templates

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A topic links to the another topic.

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Project management can get trivial and nasty. Tons of details, complexly linked resources, and interchanging client priorities are all but just part of the pain points.

The key to keeping even multiple projects under control is to hold all stakeholders accountable. And the best way to achieve that is to show them the information clearly and visually. You can accomplish it through many approaches, XMind is one of them.

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Shortcuts Combo of XMind: ZEN

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Inspiration is once in a blue moon. You miss it once, you miss them all. That’s why you need Shortcuts, to capture them at a blink.

Get ready for the next level of efficiency by maneuvering the hidden tricks on your keyboard.

XMind: ZEN provides 4 types of Shortcuts: File, Edit, Insert and View.

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Gear up With XMind Update of Autumn

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A great project starts from a small idea.

Preparing for an entire summer, we are ready to gear you up for this autumn, or even better. This time, we’ve launched updates for XMind for iOS and XMind: ZEN.


XMind for iOS – Ignite the Small Screens


Inspiration happens everywhere, and be ready when it occurs to you. XMind always prepares to create an limitless loop for your ideas and inspiration.

We’ve updated new features for your big ideas on small tablets. Follow it to know how you can maneuver your ideas.

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