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We are regarded as industry leaders in mind mapping and brainstorming software, focused solely on delivering great user experiences.

Welcome to the XMind.net. Here you can learn more about XMind Ltd, and know our target, which is to design the great, friendly, and innovative tools. We strive to deliver productivity software and services to our users that help them to maximize the potential power, have the effective communication and collaboration.


XMind Ltd, a Hong Kong registered business, offers the productivity software tools and service. XMind, its flag product, is a great mind mapping and brainstorming software, and serving more than a million users around the world. Our purpose is to develop the best productivity tool, save people's time and raise the efficiency.


XMind is both a product and an open source project released on November, 2008. XMind's mission statement is to create, as a community, the leading international mind mapping and brainstorming software that will run on all major platforms and raise users' work efficiency. The XMind open source project is sponsored by XMind Ltd, which is the primary contributor of code to the project. Developers are welcome to work with the XMind project code to improve the overall product, develop new functions, or augment other software products.

XMind Plus/Pro are proprietary software. Based on XMind open source project, they also incorporate many advanced features that are not available in the XMind open source project. These features bring great advantages for businesses and advanced users. Although having different feature packages or price modes, all of them can empower organizations to inspire creativity, increase efficiency, and gain a solid competitive advantage.

XMind Share is a free online service that allows users to store and share mind maps created by XMind. Uploaded maps have three kinds of privacy, Public, Unlisted, and Private. Public maps are shared with the world. Unlisted maps are widely used in education, and idea sharing. Private maps are used most in business or very personal things.


2013 Red Herring Asia Top 100 Winners


  • Dec 12th
    XMind for iOS released.
  • Nov
    XMind Workshop Shanghai Station.
  • Oct
    XMind Workshop Beijing Station.
    XMind launches second XMind Certificate Master (CXM) Training Camp
  • Sep
    XMind Workshop Shenzhen Station.
  • Jul 21st
    XMind launches first XMind Certificate Master (CXM) Training Camp
  • Nov 2nd
    XMind 8 (v3.7.0) released
  • Jun 29th
    XMind 7.5 (v3.6.50) & XMind Cloud released
  • Nov 10th
    XMind 7 (v3.6.0) released.
  • Oct 31st
    XMind 6 (v3.5.0) released.
  • Jul 31st
    XMind is rated as the best brainstorming and mind-mapping tech tools on Lifehack.
  • Jan 25th
    XMind 2013 SE (v3.4.1) released.
  • Dec 25
    XMind 2012 SE (v3.3.1) released. XMind Share becomes XMind Library.
  • Aug 10
    XMind 2012 (v3.3) released. The biggest release of past years.
  • Oct 27
    XMind was picked as one of PCWorld Best 100 of 2010, and ranked #50 among all hardware, software, services, sites, and apps, and also the #6 among all best productivity software.
  • Sep 14
    XMind v3.2 and XMind Pro v3.2 released.
  • Jul 25
    XMind wins The Best Project for Academia at Sourceforge.net Community Choice Awards.
  • Nov 10
    XMind 3 become an open source project.
  • Nov 5
    XMind Pro 3 released, available for a subscription fee.
  • Mar 18
    XMind wins the "Best Commercial RCP Application" award at EclipseCon 2008.
  • Nov 15
    XMind garners award as one of "The 100 Best Products of 2007" from PC World China.
  • Nov 4
    XMind gets ready for Leopard.
  • Sep 30
    XMind 2008 is released, with Chinese, English, and Germany language editions.
  • Apr 1
    XMind 2007 released. It's our first product.
  • Jan 1
    XMind released the first beta.
  • Getting Started
    XMind founded and began to develop.
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