Vim Keymap

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Vim Keymap

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Vim Keymap
A1 Tabs
A1.1 Open a new tab
A1.1.1 :tabnew
A1.2 Open file in a new tab
A1.2.1 :tabe <file>
A1.3 Switch to tab on Right
A1.3.1 <ctrl> PgUp
A1.4 Switch to tab on Left
A1.4.1 <ctrl> PgDn
A1.5 Run command in all tabs
A1.5.1 :tabdo <command>
A2 Panes
A2.1 Split window/pane vertically
A2.1.1 :vnew
A2.2 Split window/pane horizontally
A2.2.1 :new
A2.3 Switch to pane to the left
A2.3.1 <ctrl> w + h
A2.4 Switch to pane below
A2.4.1 <ctrl> w + j
A2.5 Switch to pane above
A2.5.1 <ctrl> w + k
A2.6 Switch to pane on the right
A2.6.1 <ctrl> w + l
A2.7 Give all vertical space to current pane
A2.7.1 <ctrl> w + _
A2.8 Give all horizontal space to current pane
A2.8.1 <ctrl> w + |
A2.9 Evenly distribute space for all panes
A2.9.1 <ctrl> w + =
A2.10 Increase current pane height
A2.10.1 <ctrl> w + +
A2.11 Decrease current pane height
A2.11.1 <ctrl> w + -
A2.12 Increase current pane width
A2.12.1 <ctrl> w + >
A2.13 Decrease current pane width
A2.13.1 <ctrl> w + <
A3 File
A3.1 Open file
A3.1.1 :e <file>
A3.2 New file
A3.2.1 :enew
A3.3 Save current file
A3.3.1 :w
A3.4 Save current file as filename
A3.4.1 :w <file>
A3.5 Save and quit
A3.5.1 :wq
A3.6 Save and quit
A3.6.1 :x
A3.7 Quit
A3.7.1 :q
A3.8 Force quit
A3.8.1 :q!
A3.9 Delete/close buffer
A3.9.1 :bd
A3.10 Print file
A3.10.1 :hardcopy
A4 Location
A4.1 Show current position in file
A4.1.1 <ctrl> G
A4.2 Show line numbers
A4.2.1 :f
A4.3 Place mark [a-zA-Z] at cursor
A4.3.1 m[a-zA-Z]
A4.4 Goto mark [a-zA-Z]
A4.4.1 `[a-zA-Z]
A4.5 Show all marks
A4.5.1 :marks
A5 Cut/Copy/Paste/Modify
A5.1 Cut/Delete
A5.1.1 Delete current line
A5.1.1.1 dd
A5.1.2 Delete # lines
A5.1.2.1 #dd
A5.1.3 Delete current word
A5.1.3.1 dw
A5.1.4 Delete to end of line
A5.1.4.1 d$
A5.1.5 Delete to beginning of line
A5.1.5.1 d^
A5.1.6 Delete character under cursor
A5.1.6.1 x
A5.1.7 Delete character under cursor then enter insert mode
A5.1.7.1 s
A5.1.8 Delete character before cursor
A5.1.8.1 X
A5.1.9 Delete from line # to &
A5.1.9.1 :#,&d
A5.1.10 Delete line into register [a-z0-9]
A5.1.10.1 "[a-z0-9]dd
A5.1.11 Delete line into host clipboard
A5.1.11.1 "+dd
A5.2 Copy/Yank
A5.2.1 Yank current line
A5.2.1.1 yy
A5.2.2 Yank # lines
A5.2.2.1 #yy
A5.2.3 Yank current word
A5.2.3.1 yw
A5.2.4 Yank to end of line
A5.2.4.1 y$
A5.2.5 Yank to beginning of line
A5.2.5.1 y^
A5.2.6 Yank from line # to &
A5.2.6.1 :#,&y
A5.2.7 Yank line into register [a-z0-9]
A5.2.7.1 "[a-z0-9]yy
A5.2.8 Yank line into host clipboard
A5.2.8.1 "+yy
A5.3 Paste/Put
A5.3.1 Put current register at cursor
A5.3.1.1 p
A5.3.2 Put current register before cursor
A5.3.2.1 P
A5.3.3 Put register [a-z0-9] at cursor
A5.3.3.1 "[a-z0-9]p
A5.3.4 Put text from clipboard at cursor
A5.3.4.1 "+p
A5.3.5 Put current register WRT indent
A5.3.5.1 ]p
A5.4 Modify
A5.4.1 Switch case of word to CAPS
A5.4.1.1 gUw
A5.4.2 Switch case of word to lower
A5.4.2.1 guw
A5.4.3 Switch case of character under cursor
A5.4.3.1 ~
A5.4.4 Invert case on word
A5.4.4.1 g~w
A5.4.5 Replace character under cursor with #
A5.4.5.1 r#
A5.4.6 Replace from cursor to end of word
A5.4.6.1 ce
A5.4.7 Replace from cursor to end of line
A5.4.7.1 c$
A5.4.8 Replace # words
A5.4.8.1 c#w
A5.4.9 Replace between double quote pair
A5.4.9.1 ci"
A5.4.10 Replace between single quote pair
A5.4.10.1 ci'
A5.4.11 Replace between ( ) pair
A5.4.11.1 ci)
A5.4.12 Replace between [ ] pair
A5.4.12.1 ci]
A5.4.13 Replace between { } pair
A5.4.13.1 ci}
A5.4.14 Replace between < > pair
A5.4.14.1 ci>
A5.4.15 Replace between XML/HTML tag pair
A5.4.15.1 cit
A5.4.16 Increment number under cursor
A5.4.16.1 <ctrl> a
A5.4.17 Decrement number under cursor
A5.4.17.1 <ctrl> x
A5.4.18 Indent entire line
A5.4.18.1 >>
A5.4.19 Unindent entire line
A5.4.19.1 <<
A5.4.20 Autoindent entire line
A5.4.20.1 ==
A5.4.21 View contents of registers
A5.4.21.1 :reg
A6 Text Insertion
A6.1 Insert text before cursor
A6.1.1 i
A6.2 Insert text at beginning of line
A6.2.1 I
A6.3 Start overtype mode
A6.3.1 R
A6.4 Insert text after cursor
A6.4.1 a
A6.5 Insert text at end of line
A6.5.1 A
A6.6 Open new line following current line
A6.6.1 o
A6.7 Open new line before current line
A6.7.1 O
A6.8 Switch to visual selection mode
A6.8.1 v
A6.9 Switch to visual line selection mode
A6.9.1 V
A6.10 Switch to visual block selection mode
A6.10.1 <ctrl> V
A7 Movement
A7.1 Move cursor left
A7.1.1 h
A7.2 Move cursor down
A7.2.1 j
A7.3 Move cursor up
A7.3.1 k
A7.4 Move cursor right
A7.4.1 l
A7.5 Move cursor up one display line
A7.5.1 gk
A7.6 Move cursor down one display line
A7.6.1 gj
A7.7 Move cursor to top of display
A7.7.1 H
A7.8 Move cursor to middle of display
A7.8.1 M
A7.9 Move cursor to bottom of display
A7.9.1 L
A7.10 Move cursor forward to start of next word
A7.10.1 w
A7.11 Move cursor to end of next word
A7.11.1 e
A7.12 Move cursor backward one word
A7.12.1 b
A7.13 Move cursor forward one sentence
A7.13.1 )
A7.14 Move cursor backward one sentence
A7.14.1 (
A7.15 Move cursor to start of line
A7.15.1 0
A7.16 Move cursor to first character of line
A7.16.1 ^
A7.17 Move cursor to end of line
A7.17.1 $
A7.18 Move cursor forward one screenful
A7.18.1 <ctrl> f
A7.19 Move cursor backward one screenful
A7.19.1 <ctrl> b
A7.20 Move cursor up half a screenful
A7.20.1 <ctrl> u
A7.21 Move cursor down half a screenful
A7.21.1 <ctrl> d
A7.22 Move cursor to top of file
A7.22.1 gg
A7.23 Move cursor to bottom of file
A7.23.1 G
A7.24 Move cursor to line #
A7.24.1 #G
A7.25 Move cursor forward to next character # on line
A7.25.1 f#
A7.26 Move cursor forward to character before the next character # on line
A7.26.1 t#
A7.27 Move cursor backwards character # on line
A7.27.1 F#
A8 Macros
A8.1 Start recording macro into register [a-z0-9]
A8.1.1 q[a-z0-9]
A8.2 End recording of current macro
A8.2.1 q
A8.3 Playback macro from register [a-z0-9]
A8.3.1 @[a-z0-9]
A9 Miscellaneous
A9.1 Undo
A9.1.1 u
A9.2 Restore line
A9.2.1 U
A9.3 Join line below to current line
A9.3.1 J
A9.4 Repeat last command
A9.4.1 .
A10 Code Folding
A10.1 Open Fold
A10.1.1 zo
A10.2 Close Fold
A10.2.1 zc
A10.3 Reduce fold level
A10.3.1 zr
A10.4 Increase fold level
A10.4.1 zm
A10.5 Reduce all folds
A10.5.1 zR
A10.6 Increase all folds
A10.6.1 zM
A10.7 Move to next fold downwards
A10.7.1 zj
A10.8 Move to next fold upward
A10.8.1 zk
A10.9 Delete fold
A10.9.1 zd
A10.10 Delete all folds
A10.10.1 zE
A10.11 Create fold of # lines below cursor
A10.11.1 zf#j
A10.12 Create fold between line # and &
A10.12.1 :#,& fold
A10.13 Create fold of paragraph
A10.13.1 zfap
A10.14 Create fold in { } brackets
A10.14.1 zfa}
A10.15 Create fold in ( ) brackets
A10.15.1 zfa)
A10.16 Create fold in [ ] bracket
A10.16.1 zfa]
A10.17 Create fold in < > brackets
A10.17.1 zfa>
A11 Search and Replace
A11.1 Find # searching forward
A11.1.1 /#
A11.2 Find # searching backwards
A11.2.1 ?#
A11.3 Continue search downwards
A11.3.1 n
A11.4 Continue search upwards
A11.4.1 N
A11.5 Move to matching bracket from under cursor
A11.5.1 %
A11.6 Substitute old for new on line with no prompt
A11.6.1 :s/old/new/g
A11.7 Substitute old for new on lines # to & with no prompt
A11.7.1 :#,&s/old/new/g
A11.8 Globally substitute old for new with no prompt
A11.8.1 :%s/old/new/g
A11.9 Globally substitute old for new with prompt
A11.9.1 :%s/old/new/gc
A12 External Calls
A12.1 Execute an external command in the shell
A12.1.1 :! <command>
A12.2 Insert the contents of file at cursor position
A12.2.1 :r <file>
A12.3 Insert output of command at cursor position
A12.3.1 :r !<command>

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