The Atonement

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The Atonement

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The Atonement
1 Definition
1.1 Compensation
1.1.1 for a wrong What type of wrong? What was the wrong? Who did the wrong? Why did they do the wrong?
1.1.2 What type of compensation? Money Work Goods Life incarceration
2 Evidence types
2.1 Remains
2.2 Direct
2.2.1 Witness
2.3 Circumstantial
2.3.1 Corroborating
2.3.2 Forensic Expert Witness
2.3.3 Artifacts Scripture Who wrote? Tanakh Proof Texts? Jews say not proof prophecy Christians Claim proof prophesy New Testament No first person accounts Jesus was crucified some survived short crucifixions Josephus describes his friends. Crucifixion was common Why? Atonement for human sin How? He was perceived as a threat By who? Jews Romans Who authorized? Pilate The Messiah Who Says? Criteria for the messiah 10bce - 40ce A Jew a Rabbi? A Layman? A Priest? Suggestion that idea prexisted Pauls description Mark
A1 References
A1.1 Problem Solving Guide
A2 Map Legend
A2.1 Blue = Fact
A2.2 Orange = Opinion, Hypothesis, Inference, Majority Consensus
A2.3 Red = Guess, Hypothesis, minority consensus
A3 Revision 2010.02.10

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