2011 EQ Recovery Exercise Task List

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2011 EQ Recovery Exercise Task List

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2011 EQ Recovery Exercise Task List
1 Team Leader: Eric Dahl
1.1 Operations
1.1.1 Chief: Joan McDonough Pre-Event Training for Controllers and Evaluators Invite evaluators (3) and controllers (1) Select date and venue for training Select trainer(s) Exercise documents Obtain exercise documents Distribute documents to trainer(s) Distribute documents to controller(s) and evaluators Conduct traininng session Control/Facilitation Facilitate the exercise Evaluation Obtain evaluation forms for evaluators and participants Conduct observer evaluations Distribute forms to evaluators Conduct evaluation Collect and collate evaluation forms Conduct participant evaluations Conduct "hot wash" Assign facilitator Assign scribe Facilitate "hot wash" session Collect and collate comments Supervise completion of evaluation forms Distribute to participants Collect from participants Write Corrective Action report Review evaluations from observers and participants Describe what happened Identify deficiencies (performance gaps) Identify improvement goals Define improvement action items and timeline Circulate report draft
1.2 Logistics
1.2.1 Chief: Phil Easterday Venue

1745 Mission Drive, Legion's Hall Get check to Vets Hall by 8/13 Determine room layout Tables and chairs Equipment and supplies Refreshments Invitations Obtain phone tree and instructions Implement participant invitation phone tree Obtain invitation digital files Merge master file VOAD member address list Print and mail invitations Submit expense reimbursement request Participant Materials Duplicate exercise documents Submit expense reimbursement request Equipment and Supplies Obtain equipment and supplies Computer, projector, screen PA system Surge protectors, extension cords, etc. For each table: Flip chart and markers Pad and pen for the scribe Test the equipment before the event Refreshments Purchase refreshments Water Soda Ice chest Cups Napkins and plates Cookies Tablecloth for refreshment table? Submit expense reimbursement request Set out refreshments Room Arrangement Arrange furniture, equipment, supplies, signage, and refreshments on event day Break down and clean up room Return equipment
1.3 Information & Planning
1.3.1 Chief: Jim Caesar Documentation Unit: Yoli Contributors and Advisors: other committee members as requested by Jim Participant Invitations Develop phone tree Define tree structure (who calls whom) Create lists of names & phone numbers Write instructions including: Script

The script explains the rationale for implementing a phone tree and promotes ownership of the process. Points include: * The phone tree is organized according to the ICS structure that VOAD will use to communicate and coordinate member activities after a disaster. * We are implementing the phone now to practice using it as we would after an actual disaster. * We will use the phone tree as a standard operating procedure to notify members of upcoming VOAD events. * Periodically using the phone tree will help members build relationships and maintain accurate contact information, thereby developing a higher level of disaster readiness. Call-down and report-up procedures Deliver phone tree and instructions to Logistics Write participants invitations Printed invitation for mailing (1) Email invitation and reminders (3)

Include reminder to eat lunch before coming, as only light refreshments will be served Deliver files for printed invitations to logistics Exercise Documents Define the functional exercise groups Review and revise situation manual

The Situation Manual will serve as the Player Handbook. It will be based on the draft developed by Yoli. Develop agenda (timeline) for controllers Deliver execise documents to Operations Evaluation Forms Develop participant evaluation forms Develop observer evaluation forms Deliver evaluation forms to Operations Signage Sign-in sheet Table tents identifying functional groups Participant name tags Participant table assignments Directional signs, as needed Deliver signage to Logistics
1.4 Finance and Administration
1.4.1 Chief: Eric Dahl Expense Approval & Reimbursement
A1 Public Information
A1.1 Chief: Mike Williams with Justin Haagen
A1.1.1 PSAs
A1.1.1.1 Identify media outlets/contacts
A1.1.1.2 Create PSAs
A1.1.1.3 Distribute PSAs
A1.1.1.4 Invite media reps to the exercise
A1.1.2 VIP Invitations
A1.1.2.1 Identify VIPS
A1. Some city administrators (Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Solvang, Buellton, Lompoc)
A1. Fire, sheriff
A1. Supervisor(s) - based on where majority of participants are located
A1.1.2.2 Write scripts for VIP presentations

VIPs will be asked to address the participants at the beginning of the exercise.

A1.1.2.3 Issue invitations to VIPs

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