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XMind is the most popular mind mapping tool. Millions of people use XMind to clarify thinking, manage complex information, run brainstorming and get work organized. We want all platform users to have the same experience. It couldn’t be easier to get started.

Mind Mapping

Productivity is what matters most.


Special thanks go to Tony Buzan, who brought us the mind map, a proven theory which can help us dramatically clear thinking and improve productivity level. Mind Map structure in XMind contains a root in the center, with main branches radiating from it.

Besides the Mind Map structure, XMind also offers Org-chart, Tree-chart, Logic-chart, etc. These charts will play important roles under various circumstances. For example, Org-chart can show the company/department/team structure clearly. Logic-chart is very useful in sorting reasons.

More importantly, all these charts can be used within one map! Every branch, even every topic, can have the most proper structure. This is of great usability.

Business Charts

Extremely helpful for business elites!

Fishbone Chart

Business elites always encounter a lot of complex tasks. The four amazing structures of XMind could help them release pressure and improve efficiency! Fishbone Chart can visually organize causal relationships among complex ideas or events. Matrix enables in-depth comparative analysis for project management and strategic decision-making. Timeline tracks milestones and schedules in chronological order. Org Chart easily presents an overview structure of an organization.

Brainstorming Mode

All your thoughts flow into your mind map.


With XMind, you can start the individual brainstorming easily and quickly.

The most important thing of brainstorming is to focus on quantity, not quality. So we bring the Idea Factory to record and collect inspirations further and faster. A timer stays to let you control the brainstorming session time. Additionally, you can switch between day mode and night mode.

Displaying the central topic and building a stress-free scene, here, you pay all attention to recording inspirations and sparkles in your mind. Then, the solution hidden within them will surprise you. What’s more, you can discover it by evaluating, organizing and connecting ideas.

Presentation Mode

Demonstrate your mind map in an elegant way.


Effectively presents mind maps to audiences with a minimum of distraction, focusing on a particular topic. The Presentation Mode is an alternative "full-screen" view that allows you to browse your map with a minimum of distraction. It makes the map appear on the whole screen rather than in a window. You can use shortcut keys and a hovering toolbar in this mode to view and navigate map easily. An additional sidebar lets you filter the map and record audio notes.

Gantt View

You can use both advantages of mind map and gantt chart.

Gantt View

Effortlessly converting Mind Maps to Gantt Charts is one of the trump cards of utilizing XMind in project management.

Gantt View shows start date, end date and progress of every task. A task (or a milestone) is actually a topic in mind maps, so a task has a tree structure, which is usually called a Work Breakdown System(WBS). And the structure is, you guess right, the mind map! And they're auto synchronized. The user interface is beautiful, the interaction is fluent, and the usability is improved. Complex operations can be done directly on the view.

In XMind 7, you can add, modify and show task info directly in Gantt Chart view, including start/end date, assignee, priority, progress, milestone and task dependency. Smart XMind 7 also brings in exporting Gantt to images/PDF, or printing it.

Mind Toolbox

Best for Office collaboration

Themes & fonts

Make your mind maps look great anywhere, anytime.

Drill Down

XMind packs 10 amazing fonts, which beautify your mind maps magically, and prevent disappointments that your work cannot reveal its own originality on another computer without fonts you used. All our fonts are open-sourced and cross-platformed, which ensures your mind map looks pretty on both Mac/Windows. Tens of new themes are also integrated into XMind, which takes full advantage of your computer and brings incredible experiences for everyone.

You can design your own themes with the Advanced Theme Editor.

Export to Office/PDF

Communication is simple and easy.

Works with Office/PDF

How to make colleagues access our mind maps if they don’t have XMind? You can export mind maps into about 10 universal formats by the export functionality.

While managing large projects, you can quickly overview all the tasks within Excel, and order them according to your preference.

We support exporting to: PNG, JPEG, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, Plain Text, RTF, SVG, CSV, HTML, Open Office and Microsoft Project.

Importing from Microsoft Word is also available.

Save to Evernote

Access our mind maps from all devices.

Save to Evernote

Save a map as an Evernote note, including a large image, outline text, and even the .xmind file itself. You can access your maps from different devices, share them and collaborate with others.

XMind Cloud

Your mind maps on the air.

XMind Cloud makes it easier than ever to automatically sync files across multiple Mac/PCs. Fast, secure, and easy-to-use. Online viewing and editing in browser is also awesome (coming soon). 1 GB storage space.

Xmind Cloud

New Share Dialog

More sharing options available.

New Share Dialog

In order to simplify the sharing process, XMind 7.5 offers an improved sharing feature which enables you to share your mind maps on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Even embed to your blog.

60,000+ Pretty Icons

Make a more intuitive mind map with more than 60,000 icons.

As the saying goes, "Pictures are worth a 1000 words." Right images make a more intuitive mind map.XMind 7.5 enables you to search and drag more than 60,000icons of various styles directly from, the biggest icon library in the world.

60,000+ Pretty Icons

More Features

Local Network Sharing

The function of LNS (Local Network Sharing) allows you to send XMind files easily and quickly to other computers across the LAN. Just drag & drop XMind files to the target LNS view to finish the file-sharing. You can also send messages via LNS to notice your teammates to check your maps.

Drill Down

It's an XMind magic that enables you to focus on a specific branch of your mind map. Selecting one topic and clicking the drill down icon at toolbar, you can show the selected topic and its subtopics on a temporary mind map without distractions from the other topics.

Multi-page Print

By printing a large map onto multiple pieces of paper and then taping the pieces together, you won't lose any details of your mind maps. You can also spread them horizontally or vertically over multiple pages for a better overview or to display as a poster.

Map Merge

The Map Merge function can help you organize the information from more than one map by merging two maps together.

Map Shot

Map Shot, different from screen shot, lets you share either the whole or a part of a map with someone else. The area you can choose can form the full map.

Advanced Filter

By filtering markers or labels from the large project, we will darken the rest of the map and then focus on the most important tasks.

Powerful Search

You can find any content in all open files. In this view, you can type the targeted content, modify search options, and check the search result.

Audio Notes

Audio notes help capture spoken information during meetings, brainstorming sessions, or other activities. They enable you to annotate topics without typing.

Encrypt with Password

Security is always at the first priority. XMind lets you set a password for your XMind file. Without password, no one can open the file.


When exporting maps to images, you may find them blurred when you zoom in. But now we can check and print your maps at any scale by exporting to SVG.

Online Mind Map Library

With a free XMind ID, you can publish your mind maps to the online mind map library on It's like an online community.


In this busy world, we're constantly required to do more in less time. Starting with a good template meets the demands of life, work and study.

Clip Art

One principle of mind mapping is: Picture Welcomed. To help express your thought visually, let's spice up your maps with hundreds of clip arts.

Index View

Index View provides you 7 ways to list your topics: by markers, by labels, by start/end date, by assignees and by alphabetic.

XMind Resource Boundle

You can package and export your custom themes, templates, clip arts and markers to an XRB file to share with others, in a team, or just across your different devices.