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XMind 6 is currently in beta (and will finally release later this year).
Buy XMind Pro 2013 today and get free upgrade to XMind 6!

It's an all-in-one package with all features of XMind, XMind Pro, and Plus. You can use paid features after purchasing XMind Pro and entering your license key.

The latest release is 2013 (v3.4.1). Language

Upgrade from Previous Version

Only for XMind Pro/Plus 2012 or 2012 SE users. If you've purchased an older version like v3.2.1 or before, you're not included in this upgrade program.

If you had chosen "Buy 2-Year Version Upgrade" from your order of XMind pervious versions, you don't need to click the buttons above. New license keys will be automatically sent to your email address, which was filled in the order.

XMind Pro Subscription users don't need to buy this upgrade.

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What's New in XMind 2013?

Local Network Sharing

Local Network Sharing helps to communicate better with your teammates via LAN. It will be highly productive if you're working in team.

Export to Microsoft Excel/CSV

While manage a large project, you can quickly overview all the tasks within Excel, and order them according to your preference.

Export to PDF/SVG (in vectors)

You can check and print your maps at any scale. Images keep clear when zoom in.

More Useful Templates

In this busy world, we're constantly asked to do more in less time. Starting with a good template to meet the demands of life, work and study.

New (and lovely) Markers

Marker helps to classify different types of thoughts and ideas. It is very powerful for organizing tasks.

New Clip Arts

One principle of mind mapping is: Picture Welcomed. 188 totally new clip arts in XMind 2013.

Export to Office files on a Mac

XMind supports exporting even though there is no Microsoft Office installed.

Improved IME support

You would have better experience of typing Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

All Changes of XMind 2013 (v3.4.1)

All Changes of XMind 2013 (v3.4.0)

Need Professional Features?

Most of the executives choose XMind Pro at work. With XMind professional features, think through projects and challenges more completely, and reach clarity on issues faster.

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