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XMind for Linux has all the features of XMind, XMind Pro, and XMind Plus dedicated to Linux users. You can use paid features after purchasing XMind Pro and entering your license key.

The latest release is XMind 8. Language

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Only for XMind Pro/Plus 2013 or 2013 SE users. If you've purchased an older version like XMind 2012 or before, you're not included in this upgrade program.

If you had chosen "Buy 2-Year Version Upgrade" from your order of XMind pervious versions, you don't need to click the buttons above. New license keys will be automatically sent to your email address, which was filled in the order.

XMind Pro Subscription users don't need to buy this upgrade.

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Most of the executives choose XMind Pro at work. With XMind professional features, think through projects and challenges more completely, and reach clarity on issues faster.

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