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This page contains all available download links for XMind 6 (beta2).

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XMind 6 (v3.5.0 beta2)

Release date: October 8, 2014. Build ID:

The package contains 12 language packs: English, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Russian, Slovenian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. It chooses language to fit your operating system automatically.

Download XMind 6 (beta2) for Windows
Download XMind 6 (beta2) for Mac OS X (10.6+)
Download XMind 6 (beta2) for Linux (32-bit) (GTK required)
Download XMind 6 (beta2) for Linux (64-bit) (GTK required)
Download XMind 6 (beta2) Portable Package (Win+Mac+Linux in a zip)

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Why we name it 6?

Why do we name the next big release XMind 6? Let's looking back to our history. In 2007, we released our first 2 versions XMind 2007 (v1.0) and XMind 2008 (v2.0). In later 2008, we opened most of the source code and enter XMind 3.x times. In the next several years, we kept the version number 3.x, and made some minor updates. The 4th big release comes in 2012, and we name it XMind 2012 (v3.3.x). Then we provide XMind Pro/Plus licenses. Last year, we released our 5th big release XMind 2013 (v3.4.x). So this year, we release XMind 6 (instead of 2014).

Besides, for third-party developers, the platform features and API of XMind are stable. No huge changes. So for compatibility reasons, the internal version number of XMind 6 is still v3.5.0.

What's New?

Screenshot of Brainstorming Mode

Re-designed Brainstorming Mode

The most important thing of brainstorming is focusing on the quantity, not the quality.

So we bring the "Idea Factory" to record and collect inspirations further and faster. A timer stays to let us control the session time. The night mode decreases light and protects your eyes in a dark room.

Full-screen and a stress-free scene, here, makes you take all attention on capturing the inspiration and sparkles in your mind. Then, you'll find the solution is hidden within them. We can discover it by evaluating, organizing and connecting the ideas.

Save to Evernote

As a popular note-taking and archiving application, Evernote is used by tens of millions of users, also including a large number of XMind users. Now, we support saving XMind files into Evernote note include: image, attachment and text. By this way, we can send our maps across different devices and get access to them easily.

Save to Evernote, save your time.

Screenshot of Save to Evernote

Screenshot of Theme Editor

Advanced Theme Editor

Our new Theme Editor provides you an efficient way to easily modify your favorite themes and design a new theme. You can presets styles of central topics, main topics, subtopics and floating topics. Also the styles of relationships, boundaries, summaries and the wallpaper. Edit the properties and then save it to the theme view for future usage.

Index View

A complicated mind map must contain various elements, such as markers, labels, and Task Info.

Index View provides you 7 ways to list your topics as an index: by markers, by labels, by start/end date, by assignees and by alphabetic (A~Z and Z~A), so that we can retrieve information quickly and accurately. You can even use it cross sheets.

Screenshot of Index View

Screenshot of Export Dialog

Export to Microsoft Project

Work with the most popular Mind Mapping tool and the most professional project manage tool together. Mind mapping helps look at things holistically, and fill in all the important details with XMind. Now, we can export all tasks from XMind to MS Project. This makes your plan a very integrated design solution. More productivity for your project management and team collaboration.

Export to Open Office (ODF)

Both of XMind and Open Office are Free Open Source Software. In XMind 6, we can export our mind maps into OpenDocument Text, Presentation and Spreadsheet. We will work smarter with this open source software suite.

More themes, style and markers

An elegant appearance of our mind map can not only make the readers enjoy it, but also deliver more details of our mind. In XMind 6, we add 20 more well-designed themes and build-in styles. These will not only make our mind maps a better look, and also make us more productive.

Import & Export XMind Resource Bundle

In XMind 6, we bring a new concept: XMind Resource Bundle. You can package your custom themes, templates, clip arts, markers. Export them to an XMind Resource Bundle and send it to others. This is a very convenient way to share stuff within a team, also between your Mac and Windows.

Screenshot of New Styles

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