Use your own dictionary for spell checking in XMind

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Nowadays, we are getting used to spell checking whenever we write something. In XMind, you may meet this kind issue, when editing a topic, you expect that spell checking can help you to perfect your spelling.

Now in XMind, the default spell checking is in English. But our users come from all over the world, they speak all kinds of languages. This default spell checking couldn’t meet the need of users who come from non-English speaking countries.

If you come from non-English speaking countries, you may probably want to use your own dictionary for spell checking.

Here one of our users shared a useful website for you to find your own dictionary:

Download the very dictionary,  change the extension to .dict , then add your own dictionary to XMind. (Edit > Preferences > Mind Map > Spelling)

After doing this, in XMind, you can enjoy spell checking for French, German, Spanish and etc. Very easy and useful, right? 🙂 Whenever you need this, do not hesitate to give it a try.

XMind Pro Enterprise License

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In the past months, we received lots of inquiries about XMind Pro Enterprise license. They told us that XMind Pro was good at enhancing the efficiency, saving working time, and wanted to know something about the Enterprise license support.

The full name of Enterprise license is XMind Pro Enterprise Unlimited License. Actually, it’s another type subscription code, which means all people within a company or an organization can enjoy XMind Pro. Of course, there is no limitation on the number of users.

Normally, we will recommend this Enterprise License to these inquirers only when the estimated user number is more than 100. In that case, it has the superior cost-effective. More important, only one license and a few special XMind accounts needed, so it’s very convenient for you to mange your team, department, and your company.

Interested in it? Please fill this form.

Price change Notification

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Recent months, exchange rate of different currencies has big change. This kind change even has affected the justice of our price system. Some customers also sent emails to question us.

So we do the fine tuning on price system, which has token effect from June 1st 2010. Now 1 Year Subscription Code will cost
USD 49.00 OR EUR 40.00 OR GBP 35.00 OR JPY 4900.00.

And the coupon code “PRO10OFF” is still available, has no purchase amount limitation.

Some payment issues(modified)

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Some users have reported that they paid the money via Paypal. But after finishing the payment, they still did not receive the Subscription codes. This brings much trouble for users, esp some people are very urgent to enjoy the Pro features, such as Presentation, Audio Notes, TaskInfo and Gantt Chart.

This turned out to be the problem of not finishing the full procedure. The entire procedure to subscribe XMind Pro with Paypal is below:

  1. Visit the Purchase page,
  2. Click “Buy Now” button
  3. Confirm the order quantity and Fill the simple form, and click “Continue” button below.
  4. Now, you are on the Paypal page. Please fill paypal account and password to finish the payment here.
  5. After finishing the payment, Please do not close the browser, and wait the browser back to the “Thank You” page of
  6. When you see the “Thank You” page, XMind system will automatically send Subscription Code(s) to you via email within 8 hours.

Note: Your code(s) will be sent to Paypal account email, not the registered email on

Some users just didn’t wait for the browser back to “Thank you” Page. As a result, our server wouldn’t receive the sign to send out the subscription code automatically.Once this happened, do not worry, please send an email including the purchase date, receipt no., paypal account to  You will get the Code(s) within 24 hours.

Year of Tiger

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Tonight is the Chinese New Year’s Eve.
The coming is the Year of Tiger. Wish all people have a Prosperous new year!
Tiger Hu Sheng-wei!

BTW, XMind team will have one week vacation. 🙂

2010 Calendar

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Here, we would like to share 2010 Calendar with you. Hope it can be your great Personal Management tool in 2010.

Click and download here.

XMind v3.1.1, with some important updates

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Friday, 4 December, 2009 — XMind, a leader in mind mapping, visual thinking and collaboration software, today announced XMind 3.1.1, with many important


  1. If your account has been renewed, after signing in, your XMind title will become “XMind Pro”.
  2. XMind shows the Path of current XMind file in the window title.
  3. XMind prepares the description file about “XMind File Format” for Developers.
  4. While launching XMind, you can enable “Do not show this again”. Then you can sign in under Help menu when you want to.
  5. Every Pro feature is labeled “Pro” in Menu.
  6. If you sign up an account in the inside browser, XMind will sign in automatically.
  7. If you renew you account in the inside browser, XMind will enable all Pro features automatically.
  8. Improve some translation.

and fix some Bugs:

  1. When adding local files as hyperlink in XMind for Windows version, if the path has “space”, XMind will not work well.
  2. If using Spreadsheet structure, we can not edit the column name via double-click.
  3. If showing the Legend in the map, we can not edit the description of markers in legend via double-click.
  4. While signing into your account on, we can not unsubscriber the newsletter/tips at the Setting page.
  5. After extracting a new Theme or Style, we can not rename them via double-click in the theme view or style view.

Brand-new look of

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Another important thing we would like to share with you is:
Our website, has been revised successfully.

Here I list some major changes of our website:

  1. More attractive Home page: More friendly and good-looking design. You will find the target information easily.
  2. New website with many improvements, especially can work fluently on any browsers.
  3. New Downloading: Save your time, be nice, considerate to you. Two editions, one Package only.
  4. Better viewer for your online maps: Make every effort to build perfection.

At last, on this Thanksgiving Day, we also would like to take the opportunity to thank you, our friends, thanks for all your support, thanks for being with XMind for so long time. We believe that with your support, your understanding, your patience, XMind can get better and better. We are so deeply grateful to all of these, and we will take this as our forward momentum!
Wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Better Mind Mapping with XMind 3.1

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November 23, 2009 — XMind, a leader in mind mapping, visual thinking and collaboration software, today announced XMind 3.1, a major release of its award-winning product. New XMind will be more accessible to a broader audience and more powerful for professional users.

Here let’s know about the changes in this powerful new version:

New Features

  1. Default Theme, now makes it easy to use your favorite theme and even your own designed theme in new maps.
  2. Brainstorming Mode, help you get sparkles easily and save more time.
  3. Powerful Search, now works among all workbooks, which means you can fast find out useful information in all open XMind files.
  4. Relative Link, lets XMind be able to your assistant to manage files better.
  5. Export to PDF(Map), offers another option to share our maps with the world.
  6. Sorting Topics, helps us review the whole plan handily.
  7. Enhanced spellchecker, could be our great assistant in work. It not only tell us which is wrong, but also what the right is. Another good news is that we can add our own dictionary file(.dict) into XMind.
  8. XMind has the new online update system.

Fixed bugs

  1. Fishbone: If changing map’s structure to fishbone, add summary to a topic, drag and add more topic into this summary, click print, the layout is chaos. When reopening this map, the layout will be chaos too.
  2. Extract Theme: If we extract a theme(named theme 1), close and reopen xmind, then extract another theme(its name will be the theme 1 automatically,), change its name (like to be theme 2).Now when we reopen XMind, the theme 2 is lost.
  3. Context Menu: Only in the first sheet of the first workbook, select a topic and right-click mouse, you can see the full context menu(including markers, and structures).
  4. Upload map: If we add some special theme or style to a map and upload it to, then download this map and open it, all special theme and style will disappear.
  5. Import XMind 2008 file: If the map has wallpaper, that wallpaper will lose after being imported.
  6. Import FreeMind 0.9: Some Freemind 0.9 files can not be right imported into XMind.
  7. Extract style: Sometimes, your extracted style will disappear after re-launching XMind Pro.
  8. Export dialog and others works well on Ubuntu, esp 9.10.
  9. Copying multiple lines which begins with “Tab” will cause XMind crash.
  10. Some other bugs fixed.


  1. You can open XMind files via double-click on Mac OS.
  2. XMind works fluently on Mac OS 10.4.
  3. Improve the Spell Check in XMind.
  4. Improve the Find and Replace.
  5. Improve the Notes.
  6. XMind Pro users can use XMind Pro offline.
  7. Some other improvements.

Want to know more? Download and try Now. It’s our honor to hear your voice.

With an XMind ID, set mind free

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With an XMind account, you can present your map anywhere.

Firstly, with the account, you can upload your maps online and share with people all over the world. Also, you can choose the map you like and add to favorite, then you will see the map in your account, staying in “My favorites”. If you are an XMind Pro user, your online maps can even be shared privately as you wish. In fact, the inspiration to write this blog is from the questions raised by one XMind Pro user.  He who is a CEO from a UK company, a mind mapping fan, began to use XMind by recommendation from his friend. Later, he consulted with us about how to cooperate with his colleagues by using XMind. After knowing about the Private Sharing, and even the other one whom he wants to share with doesn’t have to pay to be a Pro user, just needs to sign up an XMind account, he was very glad about it and felt it’s very convenient.

Secondly, the account is very important to use XMind Pro. You should use a code to activate your account, and then use the activated account to sign in when launching XMind Pro. With this account, the greatest benefit is that you can use XMind Pro anywhere! No geographic and time limitations, XMind is somehow close at hand.

How convenient it is! It only takes a little bit time to sign up a free account. Why don’t you have a try to sign up an XMind ID, then enter into this wonderful mind mapping world.

Interested in it? Get you own XMind ID at: