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  • Oct 31st, XMind 6 (v3.5.0) released.
  • Jul 31st, XMind is rated as the best brainstorming and mind-mapping tech tools on Lifehack.
  • Jan 25th, XMind 2013 SE (v3.4.1) released.


  • Nov 6, New branding.
  • Nov 6, XMind 2013 (v3.4.0) released.
  • Sep 5, We become 2013 Red Herring Asia Top 100 Winner. It’s a huge honer for our work these years.
  • Apr 23, Liferhacker.com highlights XMind as the most popular mind mapping tool.


  • Dec 25, XMind 2012 SE (v3.3.1) released. XMind Share becomes XMind Library.
  • Aug 14, Free private sharing service released. Now, the entire XMind Share online service is free.
  • Aug 14, New packages for team business are available.
  • Aug 14, We start new life-time license of XMind Plus 2012, XMind Pro 2012.
  • Aug 10, XMind 2012 (v3.3) released. The biggest release of past years.


  • Nov 22, XMind v3.2.1 and XMind Pro v3.2.1 released.
  • Oct 27, XMind was picked as one of PCWorld Best 100 of 2010, and ranked #50 among all hardware, software, services, sites, and apps, and also the #6 among all best productivity software.
  • Sep 14, We offer the special group subscription code for business.
  • Sep 14, XMind v3.2 and XMind Pro v3.2 released.


  • Dec 3, XMind v3.1.1 and XMind Pro v3.1.1 released.
  • Oct 23, XMind v3.1.0 and XMind Pro v3.1.0 released.
  • Jul 25, XMind wins The Best Project for Academia at Sourceforge.net Community Choice Awards.
  • Apr 29, XMind v3.0.3 and XMind Pro v3.0.3 released.
  • Mar 22, XMind v3.0.2 and XMind Pro v3.0.2 released.


  • Dec 12, XMind v3.0.1 and XMind Pro v3.0.1 released.
  • Nov 10, XMind 3 become an open source project.
  • Nov 5, XMind Pro 3 released, available for a subscription fee.
  • Mar 31, XMind 2008 v2.3 released.
  • Mar 18, XMind wins the “Best Commercial RCP Application” award at EclipseCon 2008.
  • Jan 19, XMind 2008 v2.2 released.


  • Nov 30, XMind 2008 v2.1 released.
  • Nov 15, XMind garners award as one of “The 100 Best Products of 2007” from PC World China.
  • Nov 4, XMind gets ready for Leopard.
  • Sep 30, XMind 2008 is released, with Chinese, English, and Germany language editions.
  • Apr 1, XMind 2007 released. It’s our first product.
  • Jan 1, XMind released the first beta.


  • Getting Started, XMind founded and began to develop.

Latest Version

The latest XMind version is XMind 6. It has 3 different editions: XMind (free and open), XMind 6 Plus, and XMind 6 Pro.

XMind 6 Plus is USD79/EUR62/GBP54. XMind 6 Pro is USD99/EUR79/GBP69. You can learn the feature comparation table about the editions here: http://www.xmind.net/pricing/ .

Contact XMind Ltd

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