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XMind 7 Now Available

The most popular mind mapping software is coming with the biggest upgrade in its history!

XMind 7 Now Available
Productivity Tools
Mind Mapping
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
7 (v3.6.1)

Get Started! You will love this easy-to-use tool.

XMind is an open source project, which means it's free to download and free to use forever. XMind Plus/Pro with more professional features are also available. The latest version is XMind 7 (v3.6.1) (NEW).

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XMind Cloud is Coming Soon!

XMind Cloud is a cloud storage service for you.It automatically synchronizes your XMind files across multiple Mac/PCs. Fast, secure and convenient.

XMind Cloud
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What's New in XMind 7?

Brian Canfield

Master Technologist, HP Inc.
We have found mind mapping with XMind to be a very useful tool for gathering inputs from a group of people in a way that all views can be heard.

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They use this tool to think through projects and challenges more completely, and reach clarity on issues faster.

The Mindmapping Blog Review
XMind shows a surprising level of maturity in its feature set, and a remarkable attention to maximizing usability and flexibility.
Clarify Thinking

Clarify Thinking

Confronting information overload and ideas shortage, we are able to clarify thinking for better decision with XMind.

We manage to gather most ideas and structure them in logical structure, then to steer clear of irrelevant information and identify the critical.

And, the relationships, patterns, priorities, and trends will be identified. Then, we can better assess the profit, cost and risk for better decisions, like market strategy and development plan etc.

Individual Brainstorming

With XMind, you can start the individual brainstorming session easily and quickly.

Displaying the central topic and building a stress-free scene, here, you can take all attention on recording the inspiration and sparkles in your mind. Then, you'll find the solution is hidden within them. More important, we can discover it by evaluating, organizing and connecting the ideas.

Individual Brainstorming

Works with Office/PDF

Works with Office/PDF

How to make colleagues access our mind maps if they don't have XMind? With some simple operations, we can export our mind maps into more than 10 universal formats.

In this way, your team can collaborate seamlessly. You can choose from a variety of export options from Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel (NEW), PDF, RTF, HTML, Plain Text, to PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, SVG (NEW), as well as other Mind Mapping software vendors like Freemind and Mindjet MindManager.

It's also supported to import from Freemind and Mindjet MindManager.

Open Source & Award Winner

We opened the source of XMind (except some professional features). That means you can integrate XMind into your product, store data into XMind files, or even build your own mind mapping software based-on XMind. And we are glad to see that.

BTW, XMind is the best Eclipse RCP application 2008, the best project for academia 2009 in the SourceForge community, and one of the PCWorld 100 best products of 2010.


Brian Matthew

MindMapping Expert

After trying both FreeMind and XMind I have settled on using XMind for my personal and professional projects and might even consider paying for the additional XMind Pro in the future.
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